Welcome Alexander! Naturally, born at 12:59PM on Saturday, May 16, 2009 weighing 7lbs.11oz.

Your’s was a sweet, sweet birth Alexander. Your mama and papa checked into their hospital room around 8AM. Your mama was 7-8 centimeters dilated. She labored so calmly we hardly knew when she was having contractions! She was texting at 9 centimeters and then settled into a comfortable position to arrive at complete and push you into the world and into the arms of your loving family, mother, father two big sisters and big brother.

All I can say is, “all is well with my soul! Praise the Lord!” Your mama’s dry sense of humor was salve to this doula’s soul. She renewed my faith yet again in women’s amazing beautiful power and strength, as she birthed you so gracefully and gently, so normally, so undramatic…ho hum, what’s for lunch.

That being said, We know that life is precious, that your’s is ordained, that the God of the universe is alive and living in the spirits of those that invite Him. I think this faith helps your parents and others like them to keep things, like the miracle of your birthday, in perspective. All the Glory and Honor and Power to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit!

As a side note: Alexander’s mama felt like she was in labor for many weeks. baby was very low, mama was contracting daily, dilating even! and still…no active labor! Was this smart mama tired? Yes. Frustrated? Yes. Her three older children were excited daily (and we all know what that means!), expecting to meet their baby. But mama was patient. Mama knew that it would serve her body, her baby and utimately her family better to wait. And she was right!

This was indeed a slow birth of sorts. So, in reframing this sweet birth story remember to put the frame of days and weeks of practice labor and pre-labor around it. Yes the work of active labor is tremendous but do not underestimate or discount the weeks and days surrounding the birth of your baby. Both the prenatal and postpartum days are important, are what you make them, are part of your birth story. Much love, Rosie

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