Breastfeeding Baby Jesus

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years to you, my mommy friends and your babies, you daddy’s and my extended virtual family!
Did you see this beautiful video, Breastfeeding Baby Jesus? I found it on Danelle Frisbie’s blog. Thanks Danelle.

Here’s my immediate family Christmas Day photo.

I enjoyed a lovely traditional Christmas eve with in-laws, Christmas morning with our grown kids and Christmas afternoon with my sisters, brothers, mom, etc.(see photo)

I’ve been shopping for a new camera for me to take to births. I’ve become very interested in photography…technology has made it amazingly easy for us to shoot, download and share the magical moments of our lives! You have inspired me in this area. What’s a blog without the apropos photos?

It makes me laugh still that I took these next photos on Christmas when I should have been wrapping the final gifts, starting Christmas breakfast or a thousand other things. But these are the things that make my Christmas, the traditions and memories of Christmas’s gone by. First is my sugar cookies, then an ornament that my son, Doug, made when he was in kindergarten. I also took a pic of the ornament that my sister, Becki, made with buttons from my grandma’s button tin, the Christmas after she’d passed away. The photo of the cute coffee mugs remind me of Christmas Eve at my MIL’s.

This is my world. …When I’m being a mom, daughter, sister and not being a doula. I love each of those names. I love being me.

A baby girl came to a lovely family on the Tuesday before Christmas. On 12/22 at 12:21PM weighing 7lbs. 1oz. I was the Doula. She was born by c-section. Maybe her cord was wrapped too tightly around her shoulder. Most of the time cords, umbilical cords, can wrap and knot and there is no problem. This time there was (fetal heart decelerations). It was an honor to meet this baby girl and her mom and dad. Two days before she was born she was breech (head up). Her mom and dad and I met for a couple of hours and discussed both their goal for turning her and having a non-medicated vaginal delivery and the possibility of c-section. Ultimately she was easily turned head down by doc (external cephalic version).
Since this couple loves to travel, and by loves I mean travels ALOT! I explained the upcoming birth and the two very different possible scenarios like this.
“Suppose you have planned to travel to Holland. You have studied the country, the language, and are excited about seeing the tulips, buying wooden shoes, etc. You pack your bags for the climate that’s been forecasted. But when the plane lands and you get off you are in Singapore. Of course you are disappointed at first, you didn’t pack for the climate, you have no sight seeing agenda, Argh! But then you remember that you are still on vacation and still on an adventure of a life time. So you take a moment to tantrum or sulk or cry but not to long since your distracted by the sights of the city calling you, and the smells of the food and Oh! The night safari leaves soon! As I often have said, “Life is Birth and Birth is Life. Just keep living life until you feel the urge to push” …or baby tells you something different.”

When I saw the new family one day postpartum, mom was recovering nicely, dad was running around, as should be and baby was nursing. Well she looked like she was nursing. She latched on in the operating recovery room. But now she looked like she was chewing, playing at nipple…we did a couple of re-latches and mom noticed the difference. Mom is an elephant trainer at WAP so she’s a naturally intuitive animal! Sure enough, I spoke to the new mommy this morning, milk is in! Baby is gaining weight – hooray!

We’ve made full circle here now from baby Jesus breastfeeding to this precious baby girl ‘breastfeeding’…

Til next year, love & peace, Rosie

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