Ada’s Birthday

Rixa at Stand and Deliver has done it again! She finds the best studies, books, crafts and birth stuff! I hardly ever blog anymore because I am so busy reading other great blogs!!! Probably even yours! I’m not a good writer, but I am a great copier 🙂 I want to point my pregnant mama friends, daughters, neighbors and doula clients to healthy birthing resources! Normal birth is a rare thing, but it is happening – really – really really. Everyday. Next door. Women are having babies without poking, prodding, questioning. We are made to birth! Our bodies know how to birth. Do not doubt it. Believe. It is a very doable, lovely, powerful, messy, huge, you, me, God, the world thing!!!!

Linked in the Title and here,, is a must read. And watch the video that is linked in this birth story, it is perfect. Here is what I see at home birth alot of the time. Welcome baby Ada! Your big sister has a great name : ) it’s my name too, Rosie!

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