Orgasmic Birth Screening in the news!

I am just a small time Doula working a second job at my local University. I believe that young people need to be exposed to birth, healthy normal birth practices. Some OBGYN’s and some OB nurses have not even witnessed normal birth. But women in San Diego are seeking out and finding ways to have the most private, uninterupted, physiological normal births, usually at home. So I, having a homebirth myself, and witnessing, all too few times a year, normal birth as a Doula, think to myself, “Self here you are at a college surrounded by young people that are about to go out into the world and have babies.” “How can you embellish their education, afterall you, Rosie, have no college degree. What makes you think you can teach them?” But I know BIRTH! I know in my bones and from years of personal studies and experience, that how a person is born affects them for their whole life. I am a subscriber to the Birth Psychology website and newsletter. I have attended almost 300 births. I have taught childbirth education. I have studied under Pam England, Gail Tully, Anna Verwaal, and many many mothers and fathers. But mostly the babies will tell you, the calm, healthy, clear eyed babies will tell you how much their journey earthside meant to them. That the completion of that journey from beside mom’s heart to feeding at her breast, the recieving of important antibodies, hormones, and yet undiscovered (as deep as the ocean…) important things that God designed them to do in the birth canal is important and meaningful. That’s right, full of meaning. Some people today think it’s meaningless. So sad. But to each his own. I move on, looking for that one more soul who’s birth experience leads them to have a inborn faith in the birth process and an innate knowing, on a cellular level, that the way that their babies will be born is important. And to those people I will share their options and hear their birth memories and their new visions for their own baby’s birth.

So I worked hard with the University Women’s Center to bring the birth movie, Orgasmic Birth, to the students and community. It was a small showing but a captivated, riveted, group that watched. The midwife, doula panel answered questions after the movie. And guess what? We’re going to do it again next semester! What birth movie do you think we should show? I’d love to hear your suggestions and your ideas for teaching birth (on the down low) in San Marcos, California. LOL!!! You’re not going to learn this stuff in most human development classes.

It’s always icing on the cake to get some press. I was happy to meet a radio personality, Kenny Goldberg. Kenny is the Health Reporter for the local radio station KPBS an affiliate of NPR Radio. I was happy with Kenny’s story. Here it is for you, Growing Number of Women Choose Orgasmic Birth, (and for me to refer back to). Love you madly, Rosie Peterson

Each one teach one. -African Proverb

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