Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability

Let her words soak in, ponder them. I love a good speaker. The second time I listened I began to understand why these words resonate with me.

God. He is the reason that I believe I am worthy of love and belonging. He revealed and healed my broken heart and wholeheartedly loves me. It’s a daily thing. Therefore I can be vulnerable. Or try to be.

So what was I saying? Jeez how the mind wanders! Oh yes, As I listened to Brene again, Bible verses came to mind, confirming and reinforcing some of what she shared. I think Jesus was a very vulnerable man.

I hope you will listen a couple of times and let me know if this rings true for you too.

I drafted this two years ago, sometime in 2010. Today I thought, “Damn, this is still good stuff.”

Is it just me? Am I weird?

What do you think?

Yes! [smiling]

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