Bottled Up!

I’ve been keeping something Bottled Up!

Maybe you’ve overheard statements like the one below too; this type of negativity about breastfeeding.

“It’s a private thing and should be done in private like farts or masturbating or pissing.”

It is after all what his father told him. Like, how to vote, how to eat fast food, and smoke cigarettes…

Please watch the video below all the way through. It may raise emotions in you, it did in me. That is because we all have cellular memory. Either you remember that the bottle was what you loved, what nourished and saved you, so how could it be bad or you were breastfed and you have strong ‘feelings’ about that. Let’s put our feelings aside and think about what we know now, today.  As adults we can acknowledge our earliest belief systems and then create new beliefs that may serve us or our baby or the planet better today. Of course some of our oldest belief systems are working well for us today. Take the day we learned about gravity for instance. That is a good lesson that has not changed, not with politics, research, the internet, or medical advances.  But there may be some subconscious beliefs from our earliest experiences that do not serve us well at all.  We can change them. We are not stuck.  I hope you will examine your beliefs about Breastfeeding. Thank you.

If you have experienced harassment while nursing in public please contact an attorney:

San Diego Help/ Lactation Consultant Referrals:
Robin Kaplan – owner of San Diego Breastfeeding Center
1816 Howard Ave., San Diego, California 92103

Rochelle McLean – owner of Babies-in-Bloom – (760) 940-2229
1988 Hacienda Drive, Vista, CA 92081

// This is for private viewing ONLY.

This is for private viewing ONLY.

Bottled Up! from The Milky Way on Vimeo.

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