Rally on Labor Day to Improve Birth – Monday, September 2, 2013


Join us! Come Rally with me on Labor Day! Find a Improving Birth Rally near you at the Improving Birth link below and help improve birth outcomes for your future children, for your grandchildren, your neighbors, your sister, your best friend. If you don’t think you can change the world, think again. I have! We are! You can! I believe we can change earth by changing birth.

I have a lot of burning questions today. How can we have a peaceful world when drama is happening in birth, specifically in hospital birth? How can we give up on nature, our natural ability to birth, and still believe in saving the forest and the whales? Can we save birth? How can we be passionate about our garden, our sustainable life style and not practice sustainable birthing and not plant the seeds of conception, conscious conception, with intention? How can we give birth to a new generation in ignorance, fear, pretending to be helpless victims of natures power, when in our heads we know our ancestors brought our species this far by being good birthers, our grandmothers gave birth to our parents and we have been given all the necessary tools to be good birthing examples to the generations going forward? Are some afraid to find out the depths of their own power? What power to discover a wild birthing warrior resides in her! Is it undignified to birth free and wild? Are we above doing something that all animals do? Is modern man above birthing like man has birthed throughout time, is it too primitive a task? Isn’t love making primitive? Have you heard the phrase, “To posh to push”? It refers to women who prefer to give birth via Cesarean Section because they think it’s undignified to push (out a baby). Do they think it’s undignified when their eyes are rolling back in their head when they orgasm? Will they also prefer not to have wild, wet, and sometimes loud sex and opt for a tidy clean conception in a test tube? Sans the touchy feely stuff? Do we really want to evolve that much? Okay for some I suppose, but why does the medical world respect her wishes and not mine? I’m rallying for the unfairness of that.

My heart hears our unborn children rallying to be represented, respected, to have their birth day honored.  Maybe they don’t want to wait for that once a year birthday party (like having a party will heal all the damage done to them in utero and during the birth process), and want to celebrate birth on their actual birth day! I only want for us to help women find their way through today’s maze of options and give birth in a way that will not leave her, or her and baby, depressed, injured, defeated, confused, and  questioning. Don’t we want the prenatal time, the birthing time and the babymoon time to be all it can be, all God intended it to be? Some describe their birthing time as ecstatic. If mom is ecstatic how do you think baby feels? Today we have come to understand that science and medicine is not the end all be all that it was once thought to be.  We also know that new studies are proving that nature is better (think breast milk). 

“When you know better you do better.” 

― Maya Angelou

Sometimes we cannot choose. Nature sends storms, the earth quakes, our bodies fail. But when we can choose, while we have choices and voices, let us not be silent, let us celebrate our bodies with our bodies. One thing we can do with our body is rally, carry a sign and speak about issues that will improve birth. We rally to celebrate the beginnings of life, the freshness of babies, the fresh hope they bring, the huge love, enormous love, that sweet new baby’s bring! I’ve noticed that this tiny baby changes not only our family but also our neighborhood, our workplace, our world! Let’s rally for our freedom to choose our baby’s birthplace (where this new person will be most welcome), our birth attendants (who will be present to witness this woman’s power, this man and woman be transformed into a mommy and daddy, this baby breath under her own power and the sacred bonding that follows), our birthing time (Let God and baby decide). I rally to make this earth(heart) moving(expanding) event all it can be. It’s our Human Right to make choices for our bodies and to make choices for the bodies that we grow in our bellies and give birth to! I rally for the woman I doula for, for these women’s rights. I rally for human rights. I rally for babies rights. For baby’s right to be born without being hurried, poked, prodded, suctioned out, yelled out, questioned, tortured.

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