Today’s email to one of my sweet new mommy’s

Hi Mama, below is a great local resource for breastfeeding moms. The owner of San Diego Breastfeeding Center is a lovely lady named Robin Kaplan.  Call her if you have questions. The Breastfeeding Support group meets every Wednesday @ 12:30-2:00PM

1947 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92102
(619) 606-2211

Babies In Bloom is another great local resource. Rochelle McLean is the owner and as close to an angel as you’ll ever meet! Babies in Bloom’s breastfeeding support group, called the Lactation Lounge is held on Tuesdays and Fridays. Check out the events calendar here. You may also be interested in the Baby Wearing 101 class this Saturday @ 11AM!

1988 Hacienda Drive
Vista, CA 92081 View Map

My favorite breastfeeding resource online is  If you look through all the heading and you will find this resource provides an endless amount of sensible information! 

Did you call your doctor about your concern with your postpartum bleeding?  Also, how are your hemorrhoids? Better? Worse? The same? Did you read anything helpful in the information I sent?

Your Baby Shower was beautiful! You looked amazing and well what can I say about your handsome little man?!! *Sigh* I only wished he would have opened his eyes. But new babies rarely do when their belly is full and the sun is bright & warm and all the arms that held him were so loving. Anyways I know that he knew I was there 🙂

God bless you today dear sweet Mama! 

Rosie (Peterson) Curtis, Doula
760-443-6471 cell 24/7
Note to reader: 1)I want to mention that although I did attend this clients baby shower I rarely ever go to baby showers of my Doula clients. I would have NO personal life if I attended each 1st birthday party and baby shower that I was invited to. That is a hard reality. 2) Please notice that I refer my clients to their Doctor or Care Provider and real live, local support people (Lactation Consultants, etc.) before I refer to websites.

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