Birth Doula Support Services

I am a birth doula serving San Diego and South Riverside County in Southern California since 2001. I was certified by DONA (Doulas of North America). I am Neonatal Resuscitation certified, and am experienced and trained in Rebozo, Spinning Babies, Birthing From Within. I am currently accepting 1-2 birth clients per month. If you have any questions about anything you read on this site please write to dear doula rosie by filling out the form below. ~


The day a woman gives birth is a day in her life she will never forget. It has been confirmed to me over and over after many years of attending births, the way we are born makes a difference. The way a woman is treated during her birthing time can change her forever, for the better, giving her tools to take into the next journey; the journey of motherhood. Birth is hard work. Having a birth doula is having an extra pair of hands to massage your laboring body, or fetch more cold water, or run a warm tub, or play and keep the siblings happy, or give your partner a break so he or she can eat or sleep or walk the dog, doulas also walk the dog. The word Doula is an ancient Greek word that means “Woman’s Servant”.  That is what I am essentially. I may calm you as you labor, or maybe you are confident and doing well in your labor land state. Maybe dad is the one with questions and fears that need addressing. Doulas know that the energy in the birthing room effect the laboring woman and her labor progress. Calming a friend or family member is often called for. Protecting the birth space, protecting the laboring woman, the laboring couple from unnecessary disruptions is a Doulas work. Providing information, physical support and emotional support to birthing families, this is what doula’s do.

But well before this particularly special birth day I have met with you and we are familiar, I know your biggest accomplishment and your wildest fantasy. I’ve heard your most heartbreaking story and we’ve shared laughter and tears. We’ve developed trust and friendship as we’ve studied birth books and talked about birth plans and boobs and nutrition and pushing and sex and food…always food!

You don’t think twice about texting or calling me anytime of the day or night with any serious or funny story or to discuss your last doctor or midwife visit. Finally one day you call me to tell me about your early labor signs. And we wonder together if this is really it! I’ve talked to your baby-in-belly quite a bit and I am excited to meet your little one!

I will join you and your partner in your home when ever you are ready. Doula’s attend births in hospitals, birth centers, and homes. This is your body, your baby, your birth. I honor and respect woman’s choices about where they want to birth, who they want at their birth, how they would like to birth. There is no absolute right or wrong way to give birth. It is simply the most pure. miraculous, and magical thing to grow another human being and to have the power to change to world and the future forever! That you are on this journey makes you my shero! In the days of Super Hero’s I can think of a few hundred women that have earned that title, many times over.  There is a doula for you out there somewhere. I hope you find her. People find me somehow; heck how do we ever find each other in this busy, cup runneth over, world! But if we find each other there’s a reason, a bigger reason than we might ever know. Sometimes that reason is to share information for a short while, sometimes that reason is an 8 pound pink chubby baby! Wouldn’t it be amazing if this baby was yours?

God lead me to this work and God has filled my calendar all these years. I’m listening to what He has for me next, learning and listening and loving every day along the way!


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