Life Essentials

Essential #1 – Young Living Essential Oils

Let’s start at the beginning. The beginning of time. God had a plan and even He said it was a good one! Part of that plan was to give us everything we need to thrive. The plants to eat, and the plant oils to use for spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. Did you know there are over 200 references to essential oils in the Bible?  Check out this blog titled What Does the Bible Say About Essential Oils

Don’t freak out, this is not just me being weird …again. You’d be surprised at how many of your friends are discovering essential oils!  Maybe they haven’t said anything, afraid to sound weird. But I’m not afraid to sound crazy. I am more afraid that you or a loved one, or maybe your lil one, will suffer unnecessarily when the answer is right here in Young Living oils! To turn your back or turn the page would be a mistake. Don’t worry, not everyone tries a drop of oil gets addicted like me. No, you don’t have to get all excited like me. You can just quietly enjoy your health and your mental sharpness and the physical wellness that essential oils can provide.

The list is long of so many people, some lay people like me and some scientists, that write about oils! I don’t want to give the impression I know more about oils than I do, some of the words I read like anxiolytic, terpenes, aldehydes, and phenols I can’t even pronounce!! All I know is that they work!! These oils are now being used in hospitals across the country and are in medical journals (as if the Bible isn’t credible enough!).

Here is an essential oil of Biblical proportions! Frankincense is an essential oil I use almost daily and I can’t say enough good things about it! The three wise men that brought Frankinsence, Gold and Myrhh to baby Jesus were indeed wise! I’m never without Frankinsence and while I am presently out of Myrhh it is on order and one week from my front doorstep!

I could go on and on! Oh wait I Guess I already have! Hahaha!

Here’s just three of things to do if you are wondering if these oils could help you:

  1. Go to Apothecary Society and check out the Top Ten Reasons to Choose Young Living on that page there is a link to the 2015 Young Living Product Guide.
  2. I love to read the scientific research so my Young Living Apothecary Society peeps created this PDF called what else but Scientific Research so you can learn more about the powers of essential oils.
  3. If you haven’t checked out the Young Living website read anything that catches your eye on the Young Living Blog!

I will share more stuff on oils another time but there are many more life essentials we need to look at on our travels together! I plan to look at essentials like The Essential of Connection and The Essential of Friendship and The Essential of Gratitude. Really I want this to be a resource page. I want to share resources that I’ve found on my journey.

If you have questions or something you’d like me to write about feel free to email me here or comment below.

Can’ wait!

~ Your oily friend, Rosie