In the beginning

Welcome to Dear Doula Rosie. If you have a question about childbirth and doulas feel free to contact me. After quite a few years of being a birth doula and attending just over 500 births it seems natural that people text, email, phone, and private message me with various questions a few times a day, hence Dear doula Rosie! Mostly these questions are for referrals to my “birthy friends”: lactation consultants, childbirth educators, birth photographers, placenta encapsulation professionals, postpartum doulas, chiropractors, acupuncturist, midwifes, you get the idea.  So after all these years of not having a website and having my doula clients find me by old-fashioned word of mouth, here I am getting my techie feet wet.

I plan to create a page of Childbirth Resources for you,  keep it current, and continue rambling, I mean blogging. I have fun doing this! I hope you have fun coming alongside!

Thank you for visiting my new site. Stay tuned for great interesting things to happen here.

Your friend, Doula Rosie


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